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Nelma Oil. is a dynamic, growth-oriented oil and natural gas producer, focused on development of its world-class Montney resource situated in northeast British Columbia. Nelma is committed to the pursuit of long-term, sustainable per share growth through a balanced mix of responsible exploration and development, complemented by accretive strategic acquisitions. Nelma's capital has primarily been focused on continued Montney development of our liquids rich natural gas area at Septimus / West Septimus


Operations Strategy

Nelma's operations are focused primarily in the Montney in Northeast British Columbia, where we continue to execute on our strategy:
Develop our world-class Montney resource, which offers scale and repeatability
Control costs and generate high capital efficiencies
Maintain operatorship and high working interest
Conduct all of our activities responsibly with respect for the environment and the communities in which we operate and reside



Nelma’s focus is primarily on the development of our World Class Montney Resource, which offers us significant long-term potential to grow our production, reserves and cash flow. Our Lloydminster area in Alberta / Saskatchewan offers attractive development opportunities with excellent capital efficiencies from our Heavy Oil assets. Our Montney area assets include Septimus / West Septimus, Tower, Groundbirch, Attachie and Portage and are situated south and west of Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Conditions for using this site

Nelman maintains the investor relations section of this internet site as an informational service. This site is not intended to supplement or substitute for the legal disclosure for the Corporation or for the prospectus disclosure related to the public offering of any of its securities.


As a good corporate citizen, we recognize that economic performance is only one criteria on which we are evaluated. We conduct our business and operations in accordance with best corporate practices and adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance practices and procedures in both Canada and the United States.


Nelman’s focused portfolio centers on the development of large resource based assets with a focus on oil and liquids production. The Company’s two core 100 percent owned and operated assets are Lindbergh thermal oil and Groundbirch Montney natural gas projects which are in Alberta and British Columbia


At Nelman, the health and safety of all personnel and the protection of the environment are key considerations in our daily business activities.

Health & Safety Vision

To achieve a workplace where there are zero incidents. This will be accomplished by a knowledgeable and innovative workforce that is involved in continuously improving health and safety performance

Health & Safety Management System Mission

To establish and sustain an environment in which healthy team members work safely and productively in an injury free workplace.

Teamwork, honesty and leadership at all levels
Clear communications and "straight-talk"
Knowledge, skill and the will to continuously improve
Innovation, creativity and "thinking-out-of-the-box"


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